Post image for The Importance Of Children Being Able To Swim

When our children are small we can try and protect them from as many things as possible because they cant protect themselves. However, in the pool or any body of water this can be different. While it takes some time and dedication, knowing how to swim can be life saving. This is so especially now […]

Post image for 87% Of Children Today Don’t Get Their Bedtime Stories?

As a parent you probably read your kids bedtime stories like I do. What you may not realize is how important bedtime stories can be. Reading together is an important element to your child’s success in reading and creativity, but this is also a time in which you and your child can spend enjoying each […]

Post image for What Tog Should You Choose For Your Toddler’s First Duvet?

If you’re in the process of purchasing your child’s first duvet, you’re probably sat there wondering which tog rating to go for. As you’ll almost certainly already know, the weight of a duvet is defined by it’s Tog rating which is generally between 4 and 13.5 with 4 being the lightest (and, as such, coolest) […]

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A very awesome and funny video on who is your favorite dad or mom. It is true most of the time the love of mom is much different then dads. As mothers give birth and carries the baby in her for nine months so there is a big bond between them. There is a saying […]

Post image for Find The Right Pillow For Your Little One

Have problems finding the right pillow for the little one? We are here to help ! All Kinder Fluff toddler pillows are made in the USA and have light to medium fill to ensure your child sleeps with the correct angle on the neck area and therefore wakes up a well rested happy baby Our […]

Post image for Educators have called X-Bandz for Multiplication

X-Bandz Math Learning Bandz the most innovative and simplest learning product to be created in years. X-Bandz is a teaching aid that will enable your child to master the multiplication and division facts quickly and easily. Educators have called X-Bandz for Multiplication, “…a fun and unique learning method for young students” X-Bandz are today’s flash […]

Post image for Working from home in a healthy lifestyle?

Are you interested in working from home? Are you ready to be your own boss?  Are you also tired of all the harmful chemicals in your home?  What if we told you that we can offer all of that and more?  Many of these questions my wife and I would ask ourselves .  We were […]

Post image for 4 Steps to Take Before Buying The Best Double Stroller

If you are a parent of two young kids, finding the best double stroller for toddlers and infants might seem to be a tough task to do; but, when you know what features to look for, and what is going to give you the best safety, support, and ease of mobility, you will eventually find the […]

Post image for Addicted To The Pacifier?

Does he/she like it, or need it?  This is a burning question that many parents have when they find their child (as well as the entire family) is enslaved to that dreaded pacifier. Babies are born with the need to suck. Some even suck their thumbs or fingers in the womb. The desire to suck […]

Post image for Etsy Custom Handmade Diaper Bags, Rag Quilts, Purses, Personalized Towels and more

Lisa is a wife and mother that makes beautiful handcrafted purses, diaper bags, car seat canopies, tooth fairy pillows, Bible covers, clutches/wristlets, personalized towels, personalized burp cloths, activity bag, onesie dresses and onesie with ties, rag quilts, I spy blankets and she is always adding something new. Here is a little about Lisa; Back a few years […]

Post image for Prevail of the mobile apps for children + GIVEAWAY

2014 was tremendously successful for all the mobile app developers, including those making apps for children. What is surprising is that not only the apps in the Games/Entertainment segment are on the first spots. More and more parents prefer spending money on Apps that are also educational and can actually help with their child’s development. […]